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Jesus + Anime

October 01 2021 – Bradley Hughes

Jesus + Anime
Jesus + Anime

When you read this, it's probably not something you see together. Jesus and Anime.  Sounds like Oil and Water, two things that don't mix.  This is an idea that God put in my head a while back.  This could be the best Christian Apparel in America.  Let's be honest, Americans love Anime too!

It was probably only a month ago when God gave me this awesome idea of mixing Anime with him.  Something that's not really done...ever.  I mean there is one anime show that does have Jesus in it, but they make him look very "soft" and feminine.  That's not the God I serve lol.  I feel God put this on my heart because he trying to reach everyone in this world before he comes back.  If it through Anime then that's what he'll do.  My sister boyfriend is a huge Anime junky.  He spends every Sunday watching it all day long.  That's when God out it on my heart "That's who I want to capture." When we minister to different people in life, everyone has a different interest & hobbies. So, In order for us to spread the Gospel effectively, is by sharing Christ through whatever their interest or hobbies are.  So Anime is one interest that most guys (Saved & Un-saved) love so much! 


I'm not a huge Anime junky even though I did love Gundam Wing back in the early 2000's (That was my show!). Of course I liked Dragon Ball Z & Pokemon. Now I know most of you Anime fans are rolling your eyes lol but that's my exposure to anime.  


There's Approximately 2-3 billion Anime watchers in the world ranging from 1-21 years old (and that's just the young folk).  This is a huge market that needs to hear the Gospel. I'm saying that all 2-3 billion are not saved, but probably a good amount is not or doesn't have an interest in church or Christianity.


The goal with this clothing line is just to expose Christianity to those who are into Anime and never seen Jesus in that form.  Unfortunately I don't know how to create a TV show nor create Anime characters, but I want to have Anime lovers rock a Jesus short that has Japanese writing on it.  Also the population of Christians in Japan is less than 1%.  If anyone needs to hear the Gospel, it's them.  


Here are some designs that may be released later this month: *Subject to Edits*

Share this blog with other Anime lovers.  This Christian Apparel Company wants to stand out in a way that Glorifies God and not just doing the same, boring, cliche Christian quotes on T-shirts.  I'm trying to create a movement, change up the game a little bit.  New Testament Apparel is going to be a brand everyone will know and respect.  It's political, it doesn't "Follow the World" and it definitely doesn't promote Race.  This brand is strictly about Christ and sharing his message and helping build his Kingdom! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog!

God Bless




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